Month: March 2013

Community Access Parallella Prototype

Embecosm received both 16 and 64-core Parallella prototypes as part of their Kickstarter reward package and have decided to make the 16-core board available for use by the community. Requests for network access are now invited Read More

An introduction to FPGA Programming

There have been a number of talks at OSHUG meetings on FPGA technology and projects where it has been put to impressive uses such as software-defined radio and video synthesis. Each time generating much interest from members of the group from who are keen to experiment with FPGAs, but that also find the prospect of HDL programming and FPGA workflows daunting Read More

A license to build

Not often do you listen to a lawyer speaking and wish he had talked for longer. But then Andrew Katz is no ordinary lawyer. He's an open source IP specialist, and recently he's been turning his skills to hardware licensing, notably with the SolderPad and CERN Open Hardware Licenses… Read More