An introduction to FPGA Programming

There have been a number of talks at OSHUG meetings on FPGA technology and projects where it has been put to impressive uses such as software-defined radio and video synthesis. Each time generating much interest from members of the group from who are keen to experiment with FPGAs, but that also find the prospect of HDL programming and FPGA workflows daunting.

The OSHUG experience is not unique and as a complete beginner if you want to learn how to program FPGAs you have the choice of university education, a very expensive training course or a steep learning curve!

With that in mind Embecosm has got together with a team experienced hardware and software developers to host a two day introduction to FPGA programming named Chip Hack, which will take place over the weekend of 20th and 21st April at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in London. This will cost participants the grand sum of £5 — which includes lunch on both days — and a limited number of DE0-Nano development boards will be made available for use by those without their own.

In addition to sponsoring the event, Embecosm will give away DE0-Nano boards to the first five school teachers that register and complete both days of the workshop. As you might expect, all the original materials created for use during the workshop will be provided under an open source licence.

Registration has only been open for a few days and close to two-thirds of the tickets have gone already, so early booking is strongly advised if you would like to take part!