Month: August 2013

Wuthering Bytes

Shrimping in the Pennines

No, your eyes are not deceiving you and there is a simple explanation to the curious title of this post! The Pennines are a range of hills that have been described as the backbone of England and as this suggests are some distance from the sea. However, in a few weeks time the Pennine town of Hebden Bridge will once again play host to Open Source Hardware Camp (OSHCamp), and Embecosm will be running a ShrimpingIt workshop on the Sunday. Read More


Prepared for Parallella

On July 21st Embecosm ran its Preparing for Parallella event where Kickstarter backers and those interested in the project or with a general interest in multicore parallel systems were invited to have a crash course in the theory of parallel computation and how to construct real programs using the Epiphany Multicore eSDK... Read More