Energy-efficient computing at FOSDEM 2014

In a little over two weeks FOSDEM will once again be taking place in Brussels, with around 4,000 free and open source software (and hardware!) advocates set to descend upon the city for a weekend of talks, workshops and lively discussion.

This year the entire Embecosm team will be in attendance and will be joined by colleagues from the MAGEEC project, which has a stand and is running the Energy-efficient computing developer room on the Sunday. The dev room will feature eight talks, plus a workshop at which participants will gain hands-on experience using the MAGEEC energy measurement infrastructure to measure the energy consumption of applications on embedded platforms including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and mbed.

On the Saturday Jeremy Bennett and Kerstin Eder (University of Bristol) will also be giving a main track talk entitled, “Who ate my battery? — Why free and open source systems are solving the problem of excessive energy consumption“.

It promises to be a great event and if you’re taking part we look forward to seeing you in the Energy-efficient computing developer room, if not before!