Video: The GNU Compiler Collection at Manchester Free Software


On Tuesday 18th March Jeremy gave a talk at Manchester Free Software, entitled The GNU Compiler Collection: How to Use, Port and Upstream the World’s Most Widely Used Tool Chain.

Just over an hour long, the talk explained how you can build your own tool chain from source code, and covered testing and bug fixing also. Porting the tool chain to new architectures and upstreaming was covered in brief, focusing in particular on the debugger, GDB.

The talk also explored some of the more unusual uses for the tool chain, such as porting it to new chip designs during the design phase, to test the hardware design before actual silicon is produced.

In closing Jeremy talked about research into energy-efficient compilation via the MAGEEC project.

— Andrew

Note: I must apologise for two brief drop-outs in the video, which are due to a recording time limit on the camera used!