Month: July 2015

A work experience week and many projects

Hello, I’m Tommy and I spent one week here at Embecosm for my work experience, where I learnt a lot and completed many projects with the immense amount of material I had available to me. I worked along with Peter… Read More

PID altitude control of a Quadcopter

I’m a work experience student who was tasked with using a PID controller and a barometer to control the altitude of a Crazyflie quadcopter. Although I had active control of the upwards forces getting it to go upwards or… Read More

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Image © 2007 Alfio Brignoni, CC BY-SA 2.0. Hello, I’m Sam, an A-Level student who currently works part-time at Embecosm as a System Administrator. This week I have been at Embecosm doing work experience, and was tasked… Read More