See you at Embedded World

This week is a first for Embecosm. We’ll be exhibiting at Embedded World in Nürnberg, Germany. If you are visiting, come and see us at booth 546D in Hall 4, where we are part of the GREAT Britain Pavilion.

The UK is overall the fourth largest exhibitor at Embedded World — a reflection of this country’s breadth and depth in the field. However, until last year, all UK companies exhibited independently, and unless you read the statistics you might not realize how many British companies there are. The major UK ones, like ARM and Imagination Technologies, still have their own stands this year. But by grouping smaller companies together we make a much bigger impact. Not to mention sharing resources to reduce the cost to us all.

Much as I love the engineering we do every day, the occasional trade show is a healthy break, allowing me and my colleagues to speak with potential customers and make sure that we really do understand what the market needs. We’ll be talking about our services porting GCC and LLVM, but also about some of our unique expertise: machine learning compilers [slides | video], practical superoptimization [slides | video], and new this year, our work on security hardening within the compiler.

seahorse-testingIt’s hard to be very visual about compilers, so designing our booth to be attractive was a challenge.  There is only so much you can convey on a graphical backdrop, and “let me explain LALR(1) parsers” is not exactly the snappiest of sales lines.

So we’ll draw on our community education work.  We’ll be showing of the Seahorse (and giving away some kits).  Our most recent commission from Saar Drimer of Boldport and definitely the kit of the moment, following Max Maxfield’s piece in EE Times.

See you there.