Researchers are needed!

A guest post from Professor Elisabeth Oswald, University of Bristol:

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol is recruiting for applicants interested in all aspects of leakage aware cryptographic implementations: in particular in the area of utilising compilers (and/or language features) to help implement side channel resilient code.

The Cryptography Group has an internationally recognised, and excellently equipped Side Channel Lab, with good links to national and international industry. Our existing strengths cover practical attacks as well as countermeasures, and we have in the past contributed to the development of a domain specific language for cryptography ( based on which we made some initial steps to utilise compiler assistance for implementing more resilient code (

Now we have received significant additional funding, and want to develop and increase our expertise in this area (

This is a paid position and a suitably qualified candidate may be eligible to register for a PhD.

Please contact Prof. Elisabeth Oswald ( for further information.

Embecosm is Bristol University’s industrial partner on the Leakage Aware Design Automation (LADA) project.