Month: December 2016

Christmas Seahorse

Ding Dong LED on High

Embecosm's staff got into the Christmas spirit with our entry into the Lymington Christmas Tree Festival. A tree festooned with glittery GNUs and Tuxes, a 3D printed star and 17 small computers Read More

48th HiPEAC Newsletter features article from Dan Gorringe & Jeremy Bennett

The 48th edition of the quarterly HiPEAC Newsletter features an article jointly authored by intern, Dan Gorringe, and Embecosm CEO, Dr Jeremy Bennett. Regular readers of this blog may have followed Dan's adventures in low cost HPC, building and subsequently benchmarking a Beowulf cluster constructed from eminently affordable Pine64 boards. Read More

Report from SC16

I recently attended SC16 in Salt Lake City and here are some of my personal highlights. Energy Efficient Supercomputing (E2SC) Workshop Power utilization and over-provisioning I was particularly looking forward to E2SC. The session began with a keynote from… Read More