Compiler Engineers Wanted!

Embecosm staff regularly attend, present and host workshops at conferences such as FOSDEM

If you are a talented software engineer who is passionate about open source and compilers, we would love to hear from you.

Embecosm provides services developing free and open source (F/OSS) compilers for companies around the world. The architectures for which we develop compilers range from the smallest deeply embedded processors to the largest high performance computer systems. Our specialities include machine learning compilers, superoptimization, security enhanced compilers and compilers optimized to generate energy efficient code.

We currently have opportunities for compiler engineers. The starting salary is between £45K and £85K per annum and benefits include:

  • 10% of time allocated on own projects
  • Contribution to public open source projects
  • Continuing professional development
  • Employer funded pension scheme
  • Profit sharing bonus

While previous experience is welcome, it is not a priority, and although it is highly likely you will have at least a degree, it is not essential. What you must be is provably an outstanding programmer (language does not matter), with a commitment to free and open source software. You will need either experience in compilers, or evidence of your potential in compilers (something you have done in your spare time, a student project or even that you did really well in a compiler course).

To find out more and to apply please see the vacancy details.