Embecosm wins the Amazing Business of the Year in a Long-Term partnership with a School sponsored by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

The EBP South Amazing people awards celebrated the dedication of business, school and volunteers to connecting young people to the world of work; young people were awarded for their achievements through the careers and work opportunities that they had participated in.

The prestigious evening brought together a variety of representatives from across the business and educational community on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at 20:00 Lakeside North Harbour.

“Embecosm have won this award for their long-term partnership with Southlands School for providing mentoring, site visits and work experience as well as business support on projects to motivate and continue to engage students in learning. Embecosm provide Southlands students, all of whom have AD, paid placements in the summer term that includes a project that will benefit the community” EBP South representative.

Jeremy Bennett, Embecosm’s CEO said “Embecosm has worked closely with Southlands school for many years to encourage the next generation of software and electronic engineers. It has been a rewarding and enjoyable process for both Embecosm staff and Southlands students. Over this period we have seen students gain confidence and expertise and go on to university and careers in industry.

This reward is a great tribute to all those from both Embecosm and Southlands who have worked hard to create such a strong and long-lasting relationship”,

Craig Blackmore from Embecosm attended the awards ceremony and said “I was pleased to accept this award on behalf of Embecosm. It was inspiring to hear stories of how businesses, volunteers and mentors had helped and what the young people had gained from their experiences”

If you want to read more about the work of previous Southland’s students, Mitchell and Daniel both have published blog posts about their project and time at Embecosm.