Services and Modeling for Embedded Software Development
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1.2. Examples

This application note includes examples from the LLVM backend for OpenRISC 1000 , originally written by Stefan Kristiansson and extended by Simon Cook of Embecosm for the implementation of the integrated assembler.

Examples used are definitions of instructions, methods for their encoding and decoding, written by the same authors.

At the time of writing the OpenRISC 1000 implementation is not part of the main LLVM distribution, but the source can be downloaded and compiled from

Instructions for building and testing can be found in the file README.or1k.

General examples of source code, file names, etc. will use the term arch in italics. An implementation of the LLVM assembler would replace this with the name of the target directory. For example, with the case of OpenRISC 1000 , arch would be replaced with OR1K.

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