Services and Modeling for Embedded Software Development
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5.2. Build System

As with the assembler parser, the instruction decoder is a sub-library of the main target library and goes in the Disassembler directory. This library consists of one source file, archDisassembler.cpp. Files for the build system should be created here in the same way as was done for the assembly parser.

In addition, the Disassembler directory is added to both the Makefile, CMakeLists.txt and LLVMBuild.txt for the target library, with has_disassembler = 1 being set in the parents library definition.

This library makes use of two extra TableGen files' disassembler tables and enhanced disassembly info. These are in the files and respectively. As such these need adding to the Makefile and CMakeLists.txt as usual.

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