Services and Modeling for Embedded Software Development
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5.5.  BSP Configuration and Make file;

5.5.1. for the BSP
5.5.2. for the BSP

There is little documentation for the configuration and make files for the BSPs. The general guideline is to copy the baseline versions of these files in the default platform library, libnosys, which is based on the minimal implementations described in Section 5.3.

This application note uses the configuration and make files for the OpenRISC 1000  to illustrate the key principles.

Building the BSP only uses autoconf and autoheader, but not automake. So there is a (or and, but no After making any changes it is important to run autoconf and autoheader to regenerate the configure script and header files. It will also need a aclocal.m4 to give the local macro definitions, which can be regenerated from the main libgloss acinclude.m4 using aclocal. The command needed are:

aclocal -I ..

aclocal need only be run the first time the directory is created. autoheader is only needed if the BSP needs configuration parameters from the system in a local config.h file.

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