Author: Dan Gorringe

Pine Cluster Performance

Over the summer of 2016 I created a Pine64 cluster for Embecosm, for use with their work on the TSERO project. To begin with I had a cluster of four boards and I used Linpack to… Read More

World’s cheapest supercomputer?

First week of work and T Minus 1 week until Hartree HPC summer school with practically no knowledge of software programming, I used the time to learn C by completing Project Euler problems and then converting my serial programs… Read More

A Student Implementation of AAP for FPGA

I’m yet another work experience student and yet another Daniel. In the summer of 2014 I was tasked with creating a student’s introduction to Verilog. This summer I worked with the skills previously learnt and was tasked with creating… Read More

Chip Hack for Teens

Hello, I’m Dan, I spent a weekend at the ‘original’ Chip Hack and have now had two weeks of work experience to convert it into a teen friendly format. Before coming to Embecosm I had an interest in computers but… Read More