Author: Ed Jones


Non 8-bit char support in Clang and LLVM

Recently I spoke at FOSDEM on support for non 8-bit characters in LLVM. This is something I have been working on as part of bringing up a backend for a new DSP architecture. This architecture is completely 16-bit word… Read More

AAP Talk at FOSDEM 2016

At the end of this month, Simon, Jeremy and myself will be attending FOSDEM. This will be my second time attending and my first time giving a presentation, and I hope it will be as entertaining as it was… Read More

So Make It Relaunch

As part of Embecosm’s community outreach we recently put on a soldering workshop at So Make It, the local Southampton Makerspace. This was to be part of their grand reopening after their recent move to a larger building. In our… Read More