Author: Jeremy Bennett

Up-To-Date RISC-V GCC Tool Chain Packages

The global hardware and software community is developing a huge range of RISC-V based solutions.  As part of its commitment to that community, Embecosm is making freely available pre-built up-to-date GCC tool chains.  This will ensure that software is built with the latest RISC-V compiler features and optimizations. Read More

Surveying the Free and Open Source RISC-V Ecosystem

The RISC-V workshop in Barcelona starts at lunchtime today, 7 May.  I'll be there with my colleagues Graham Markall, Mary Bennett and Ian Loveless.  We'll be talking particularly about upstreaming GDB for RISC-V and building CGEN based assemblers and simulators.  To mark the occasion, I thought it would be useful to provide a short survey of the free and open source RISC-V ecosystem. Read More

Ten Years Old Today

Embecosm was registered as a Company ten years ago today on 25 April 2008.  From our initial contract developing GDB for the Epiphany multicore processor, we have grown to developing full LLVM and GNU tool chains for some of the world's best known processors. Read More

How Much Does a Compiler Cost?

The compiler tool chain is one of the largest and most complex components of any system, and increasingly will based on open source code, either GCC or LLVM. On a Linux system only the operating system kernel and browser will have more lines of code. For a commercial system, the compiler has to be completely reliable—whatever the source code, it should produce correct, high performance binaries. So how much does producing this large, complex and essential component cost? Thanks to open source not as much as you might think. In this post I provide a real world case study, which shows how bringing up a new commercially robust compiler tool chain need not be a huge effort. Read More


EuroLLVM 2017

I’ve spent the last two days at EuroLLVM in Saarbrücken. 260 engineers from 40 companies and including 70 students, talking compilers. There were over 40 talks, plus posters and a student competition in the… Read More


Security Enhanced Compilers

Security of networked computers has been important for a long time, particularly for large facilities. However it is becoming increasingly important as powerful computing engines are incorporated into the most mundane of everyday objects. The original Carnegie-Mellon… Read More

Christmas Seahorse

Ding Dong LED on High

Embecosm's staff got into the Christmas spirit with our entry into the Lymington Christmas Tree Festival. A tree festooned with glittery GNUs and Tuxes, a 3D printed star and 17 small computers Read More

Open for Business 2016 is Next Month

OpenUK and the BCS Open Source Specialist Group are co-hosts of the annual Open for Business conference.  This festival of open source in the business environment takes place just four weeks from now in… Read More

Open Source and Electronic Systems

In his keynote at last year’s NMI Industry Summit, Keith Williams, VP Intelligent Systems at Altran, identified open source as one of the four key pillars underpinning future growth of the electronic systems industry in the UK… Read More