Author: Simon Cook


FOSDEM 2017 Summary

Last weekend was the seventeenth edition of one of the largest and most important events on the Open Source calendar, which of course is FOSDEM. As usual the event was bustling with people discussing the various open source projects they use and contribute to. Impressively, the website describes there now being 8000+ people attending each year, which means there's always a good spectrum of talks. Read More

LLVM Based Simulators at FOSDEM 2016

As keen eyes will have already noticed, this weekend Jeremy, Ed and I will be attending FOSDEM. Like the rest of the team I have attended several of these before, and I will also be presenting some of our… Read More

Utilizing TableGen for Non-Compiling Processes

When porting any compiler, one of the large pieces of code is the machine description, defining instructions, registers, calling conventions, etc. In LLVM, this is done via TableGen, a simple record based DSL that allows all information about an architecture to be… Read More


Prepared for Parallella

On July 21st Embecosm ran its Preparing for Parallella event where Kickstarter backers and those interested in the project or with a general interest in multicore parallel systems were invited to have a crash course in the theory of parallel computation and how to construct real programs using the Epiphany Multicore eSDK... Read More

Migrating from CVS to Git

Today's software development, both in open and closed source projects, is carried out between groups of developers who may not necessarily be in the same building, city or even country, but there is a need for these teams to work on a single up-to-date version of the projects code … Read More