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I have been accepted to give one of the Main Track talks at FOSDEM 2018 on EDSAC and Chip Hack 2017! Hooray! FOSDEM is the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting. It is a free-to-attend annual event… Read More

Air delay lines

Air delay lines for EDSAC

Back in the original EDSAC computer, information was stored in a series of over 30 mercury delay lines all stored in a coffin-like box. These tubes would use the acoustic properties of mercury to reduce reflections. However, to prevent everyone… Read More

ISC Logo

ISC 2017

I recently attended ISC 2017 in Frankfurt. Here are my personal highlights from the main conference, as well as the tutorial and workshop days. Main Conference Top500 and Green500 Rankings In the Top500 there… Read More

Punched Tape reader

Building a punched tape reader for Chip Hack

Back when the concept of an ‘electronic brain’ was new, the methods for storing information necessary for the running of the computer were primitive. Many early computers used punched paper tape, and EDSAC was no different. EDSAC used five hole… Read More


Big Day In

Saturday’s Big Day In is an event I have been looking forward to for months. Big Day In is produced by Michelle Rebello of local autism support group, Aspergers Adventures – Minecraft and Meltdowns, as a free autism-friendly Saturday… Read More


HackSoton 2017

Sitting alongside Embecosm’s successful consultancy business is also a responsibility to give something back; in business parlance our corporate social responsibility, or CSR for short. Embecosm’s CSR takes the form of supporting both technical and local community events. So we… Read More


EuroLLVM 2017

I’ve spent the last two days at EuroLLVM in Saarbrücken. 260 engineers from 40 companies and including 70 students, talking compilers. There were over 40 talks, plus posters and a student competition in the… Read More


FOSDEM 2017 Summary

Last weekend was the seventeenth edition of one of the largest and most important events on the Open Source calendar, which of course is FOSDEM. As usual the event was bustling with people discussing the various open source projects they use and contribute to. Impressively, the website describes there now being 8000+ people attending each year, which means there's always a good spectrum of talks. Read More