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Security Enhanced Compilers

Security of networked computers has been important for a long time, particularly for large facilities. However it is becoming increasingly important as powerful computing engines are incorporated into the most mundane of everyday objects. The original Carnegie-Mellon… Read More


Running Numba on PyPy

Summary Numba can be modified to run on PyPy with a set of small changes. With these changes, 91.5% of Numba tests pass. Execution speed appears to be similar to using Numba on CPython, with a small overhead. Read More


Compiler Engineers Wanted!

If you are a talented software engineer who is passionate about open source and compilers, we would love to hear from you. Read More

Christmas Seahorse

Ding Dong LED on High

Embecosm's staff got into the Christmas spirit with our entry into the Lymington Christmas Tree Festival. A tree festooned with glittery GNUs and Tuxes, a 3D printed star and 17 small computers Read More

48th HiPEAC Newsletter features article from Dan Gorringe & Jeremy Bennett

The 48th edition of the quarterly HiPEAC Newsletter features an article jointly authored by intern, Dan Gorringe, and Embecosm CEO, Dr Jeremy Bennett. Regular readers of this blog may have followed Dan's adventures in low cost HPC, building and subsequently benchmarking a Beowulf cluster constructed from eminently affordable Pine64 boards. Read More

Researchers are needed!

A guest post from Professor Elisabeth Oswald, University of Bristol: The Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol is recruiting for applicants interested in all aspects of leakage aware cryptographic implementations: in particular in the area of utilising… Read More

Pine Cluster Performance

Over the summer of 2016 I created a Pine64 cluster for Embecosm, for use with their work on the TSERO project. To begin with I had a cluster of four boards and I used Linpack to… Read More

World’s cheapest supercomputer?

First week of work and T Minus 1 week until Hartree HPC summer school with practically no knowledge of software programming, I used the time to learn C by completing Project Euler problems and then converting my serial programs… Read More

Recent Updates to SDCC in Release 3.6.0

The Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) is a free optimizing standard C compiler targeting various 8-bit architectures. At FOSDEM 2015, I gave talk about SDCC. This guest blog is a quick summary of what has happened since up to the release of SDCC 3.6.0. Read More

RISC-V Compiler Performance Part 1: Code Size Comparisons

RISC-V is an open-source Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) that was originally developed for teaching and research in computer architecture. It is rapidly moving towards becoming a standard architecture for industry applications, with Version 2.0 of the user-level… Read More