Embecosm are able to provide new and upgraded ports of binutils, GCC, GDB, GNU libraries, LLVM, LLDB, LLVM utilities and LLVM libraries, whether for the smallest deeply embedded processor, or the largest supercomputer cluster.

Pioneering research conducted in partnership with Bristol University and the HPC center at the UK Science & Engineering Technical Facility at Daresbury, means that Embecosm is the first company able to offer commercially robust versions of LLVM and GCC, with machine learning to increase performance, that can optimize for energy and with superoptimization that can achieve the theoretically best possible code translations.

  • Provide new ports of compiler toolchains and libraries.
  • Upgrade existing ports of compiler toolchains and libraries.
  • Model and simulation integration via the Unified Debug Interface.
  • Machine learning integration.

Technical Details

At the heart of all Embecosm’s compiler work is robustness. Exhaustive testing to ensure C/C++ standards compliant code that always executes correctly.

We specialize in developing compilers very early in the life cycle — before silicon tape-out in some cases, by using processor models. Our expertise extends to high performance compiler development for unusual architectures. We are the only consultancy that can implement LLVM for word-address embedded Harvard architectures with less than 32-bit addressing.

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