One way Embecosm helps the open source community is by providing free and open source resources:

  • Application notes.  These are practical and detailed guides to solving common problems.  Often these describe services we can provide for you, but if you prefer these documents will guide you to carrying out the work yourself.
  • Software packages.  These are invariably associated with application notes and provide template code to illustrate the technology described.
  • Articles.  These are shorter documents, often presented at conferences which look at issues of concern to the wider community.  Some address technical issues, some are wider in scope.
  • Hardware.  Embecosm does not sell hardware. However we have sponsored a number of open source hardware designs, primarily to help the next generation of computer engineers, but also to support our research.

Pages in this section

Application Notes

Embecosm Application Notes give tutorial case studies on key software technology.


A selection of articles and presentations by Embecosm staff.


Embecosm occasionally provides boards and kits as engineering aids and in support of events that aim to stimulate interest in computer science.