Over the years Embecosm has worked with many partners.  Some are well known multinationals, but we also work with small specialist players in these fields.  In many cases we are working on yet to be released products, which we cannot speak publicly about. However, here are some of our partners, where our work is public.

Bristol University

Embecosm supports research at Bristol University, investigating novel ways to reduce energy consumption of embedded systems. That research ensures we can offer world-leading toolchains for embedded systems, focussed, not just on high performance, but minimizing energy consumption.



Embecosm is proud to be a member of TechWorks, the trade association representing the UK Semiconductor, Microelectronics and Electronic Systems communities in the UK and Ireland.


Hartree Centre

The Hartree Centre

Embecosm has partnered with The Hartree Centre to conduct world leading research into monitoring high performance computing (HPC) systems and compiling programs for energy efficiency.


IoT Security Foundation

IoT Security Foundation

Embecosm is a founding member of the Internet of Things Security Foundation, whose mission is to make the Internet of Things secure, to aid its adoption and maximise its benefits.


RISC-V Foundation

Embecosm have a strong commitment to developing compiler tool chains for the RISC-V open instruction set architecture. We are active members of the RISC-V Foundation.


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Over the years Embecosm has worked with many companies and organizations, from well known multinationals to specialist players in this field.

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