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Embecosm provides services developing free and open source (F/OSS) compilers for companies around the world. The architectures for which we develop compilers range from the smallest deeply embedded processors to the largest high performance computer systems. Our specialities include machine learning compilers, superoptimization, security enhanced compilers and compilers optimized to generate energy efficient code.

Toolchain Porting

Compiler Tool Chain Development

Embecosm are able to provide new and upgraded ports of binutils, GCC, GDB, GNU libraries, LLVM, LLDB, LLVM utilities and LLVM libraries, whether for the smallest deeply embedded processor, or the largest supercomputer cluster.

Hardware Modeling

Hardware Modeling

Embecosm has extensive experience in all aspects of software modeling of hardware, from the creation of high-level transaction level models (TLM) through to fully cycle accurate simulations.

Open Source Support

Open Source Tool Support

Embecosm provide a low risk route to adopting open source technology through tailored support packages for compiler toolchain ports and a wide range of open source EDA tools.

Machine Learning Optimisation

Machine Learning Optimization

Embecosm's MAGEEC is the first commercially robust implementation of a machine learning system and is available for both GCC and LLVM compilers.



Embecosm are the first company to offer superoptimization for commercial applications. This is a practical technology that can deliver a step change in performance and code size for your key algorithms and libraries.

Energy icon

Optimization for Energy Efficiency

Embecosm offers the first compilers and compiler optimizations that can optimize for energy. The technology combines Embecosm's MAGEEC machine learning framework for GCC and LLVM with optimizations specifically aimed at improving energy efficiency.

Compiler Security

Compilation for Security

Embecosm is developing standard extensions to GCC and LLVM, which detect common security flaws in code and provide features to make writing secure code easier. Embecosm also has experience in adding compiler extensions to take advantage of hardware security features automatically.


Embedded Operating Systems

Embecosm are able to provide a wide range of Embedded Operating Systems, whether for a resource limited 8-bit devices to fully featured 64-bit systems.

Upcoming Events

2-3 February 2019

FOSDEM 2019 – Brussels, Belgium

Jeremy Bennett, Mary Bennett, Mark Corbin and Lewis Revill will be presenting a variety of talks at FOSDEM 2019. Simon Cook and Pietra Ferreira will also be attending FOSDEM. For more information about FOSDEM, or the proposed schedule please look at their website.

4-6 February 2019

Buildroot Developers Meeting – Brussels, Belgium

Mark Corbin will be attending this event. For more information about this event, or the proposed agenda for the meeting, please take a look at their web page.

12 February 2019

Open Source Security – Cheltenham, UK

Jeremy Bennett will be presenting at this event. Simon Cook and Sarah Cook will also be attending this event. For more information about this event, including the event schedule, visit their website.

3 April 2019

BCS Open Source AI Workshop – Reading, UK

Jeremy Bennett, Craig Blackmore, Pietra Ferreira and Lewis Revill will be attending this event. For more information, including the schedule, visit their website.

7 April 2019

Womens in Compilers and Tools Workshop? – Brussels, Belgium

Jeremy Bennett and Sarah Cook will be attending this event, which is hosted as part of the European LLVM developers’ meeting.

If you would like to meet with us at any of the events, please contact us through our contact form.

For enquires call us on +44 1590 610184,
email info@embecosm.com

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