Google Summer of Code: AI support for CORE-V

My Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project builds upon a previous joint project between Embecosm and Southampton University, which recently developed an open source AI/ML ISA extension for a RISC-V core. This project extended a CV32E40P RISC-V core… Read More

Chiphack for Teens: FOMU

  For my two weeks of work experience with Embecosm I was tasked with updating the Chiphack application note (EAN12) to use a different computer board, the Fomu. The end result of my work can be found here. Read More

Humidity detector – An arduino project.

I’ve always been engrossed in electronics and being hands on with hardware – I liked getting my hands dirty, but I’ve never set myself something to work on with actual value to people, it’s always been Lilliputian projects that have… Read More

Open Source Dynamic Causal Modelling of COVID-19

As part of our work in Open Source and Machine learning, Embecosm has recently been undertaking a project to make the UCL model of the COVID-19 pandemic fully free and open source (see the repository here). The UCL model… Read More

GCC Rust – Google Summer of Code 2021

As part of the GCC organisation, GCC-Rust has been accepted as a mentoring organisation within the Google Summer of Code 2021 framework. This is exciting news for eligible students around the world to add compiler development to… Read More

GSoC Projects: Accelerating RISC-V for AI/ML Applications

Embecosm has been working with Southampton University as an industrial partner for it’s MEng final year Group Design Projects. The scope of this project was to create a RISC-V based instruction set extension to accelerate AI and machine learning applications. Read More

GCC Rust – How it can be achieved

In conjunction with the recent announcement of the GNU tool chain implementation of Rust supported by Open Source Security, Inc. and Embecosm we want to outline how the project will move forward. To create a trustworthy compiler… Read More