We are always interested in hearing from software engineers who are passionate about open source, software tool chains and embedded operating systems. With software tool chains our main focuses at present are, GCC, LLVM and Verilator. With embedded operating systems we focus on FreeBSD, Embedded Linux and FreeRTOS. In both cases we also work on many other open source tools as required by our customers.

Embecosm works in deeply specialist fields. While prior experience is welcome, it is not a priority for us. It is highly likely that you will have a degree, although it is not essential. What you must be, is provably an outstanding programmer (the language doesn’t matter).

If you are not already working in these fields, you will need to have some evidence of your potential in software tool chains and/or embedded operating systems. It could be from something you have done in your spare time, as part of a student project, or even that you did exceptionally in a compiler or operating system course.

Finally, you must be eligible to work in the UK or EU.

Why Embecosm:

  • We are a highly dynamic, small-medium enterprise who provide a great working environment and offer flexible working hours.
  • If you have no prior experience we will expect you to work from our one of headquarters while you learn your craft.
  • You will get to work on key open source projects and your contributions will be published in the open and will form part of your on going CV-in-code.
  • You can spend up to 10% of your time developing your own project – it is where we expect our next great idea to come from!

For more information or to send us your CV please contact us at careers@embecosm.com

Current vacancies

Job Title Location Salary Further Information
Software Tool Chain Engineer Southampton or Nürnberg £56k - £120k (UK) / €65 - €140k (Germany) Download Vacancy Details PDF (opens in a new tab)
GNU Debugger Engineer Southampton or Nürnberg £56k - £120k (UK) / €65 - €140k (Germany) Download Vacancy Details PDF (opens in a new tab)

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