A selection of articles and presentations by Embecosm staff.

EAR15. Softcores for FPGA: The Free and Open Source Alternatives, by Dr Jeremy Bennett and Simon Cook.

In this article we’ll look at some of the more widely used: the OpenRISC 1000 from OpenCores, Gaisler’s LEON family, Lattice Semiconductor’s LM32 and Oracle’s OpenSPARC, as well as more bleeding edge research designs such as BERI and CHERI from Cambridge University Computer Laboratory.

We’ll consider the technology, the business case, the engineering risks, and the licensing challenges of using such designs.

EAR14. Identifying Compiler Options to Minimize Energy Consumption for Embedded Platforms.

This paper presents an analysis of the energy consumption of an extensive number of the optimizations a modern compiler can perform, and it was published in The Computer Journal, November 2013.

The abstract and a PDF copy of the paper can be found on the Oxford Journals website.

EAR 13. Who ate my battery? Why software engineers are the key to low power system design, by Dr Jeremy Bennett.

A paper about the critical role of software engineers in future low power system design and the importance of system-wide debugging tools to these engineers. Presented to the Department of Computer Science at Bath University on 14 March 2012, and previously to the School of Electronic, Electrical and System Engineering at Loughborough University on 14 December 2011.

EAR 7. MILEPOST II Proposal: Migrating the Compiler to Commercial Robustness, by Dr Jeremy Bennett.

Embecosm has proposed a successor to the HiPEAC supported MILEPOST project, aimed at commercializing the technology developed. This is the outline proposal for a 2-3 year project, to be supported by HiPEAC, Embecosm and industrial partners.

Interested parties should contact Dr Jeremy Bennett for further information.

EAR 3. Open Standards, Open Source, European Interoperability and the EU Digital Agenda, by Dr Jeremy Bennett.

An open letter to the European Commission on the importance of Open Standards and Open Source Software to European digital policy, sent on 31 March 2010.

Acknowledgements were received from Sharon Bowles MEP and Caroline Lucas MEP on 1 April 2010, and Nirj Deva MEP on 2 June 2010.

Caroline Lucas sent a full reply on 15 April 2010, and commissioner Kroes office replied on 10 June 2010 (both have agreed to these being published).