Modern compilers “optimize”, but the resulting code is not actually optimal in the sense of being the best possible code translation. Superoptimization changes all that by generating the theoretically best translation of any source program.

The theoretical basis has long been established and demonstrated, but it is immensely computationally demanding. Recent advances in algorithms and modern high performance computing have finally made the approach feasible. Embecosm are the first company to offer and deploy superoptimization for commercial applications. This is a practical technology that can deliver a step change in performance and code size for your key algorithms and libraries.

  • Generate the theoretically best code sequence
  • Can optimize for code size, speed or energy efficiency
  • Potential step change in compiled code performance
  • Available for all compilers, including GCC and LLVM

For an example of original research that we have conducted in this area, please see EAN15. Superoptimization Feasibility Study.