OpenHW Group Announced

The Open HW Group, a not-for-profit organisation was announced earlier this week with the aim to boost the adoption of open source processors.

Embecosm is in the vanguard of this initiative as one of the sponsoring organisations.

As a specialist in open source compiler tool chains and operating systems, open standards are central to Embecosm’s business. Our customers, whether they use the smallest edge computing platform or the largest of HPC systems, must have confidence in the ubiquity and long-term stability of RISC-V cores. We see OpenHW Group as a crucible of innovators and the CORE-V Family as a set of trusted and reliable implementations of the RISC-V open standard.

“We are delighted to have Embecosm as a founding member of the Open HW Group. ¬†Their expertise in compiler and operating system development underlines the Open HW Group commitment to complete ecosystem enablement, covering both hardware and software needs of our CORE-V family of open source RISC-V cores.” Founder and CEO, Rick O’Connor.

For more information about the Open HW Group, please visit the here, and to see the RISC-V Foundation’s perspective please visit their blog.

Embecosm is a Member of the RISC-V Foundation, IoT Security Foundation and are active supporters of the FOSSi Foundation, British Computer Society: Open Source Software Group and the Open Source Hardware Use Group.