Welcome to the Embecosm blog!

With the start of a new year, we have a new website and a new blog. Here we’ll be providing news and perspectives covering compilers, hardware modeling, and software for embedded systems, as well as some less serious topics from time to time.

We’re an open source company, so expect everything we write about to be made freely available and provided under a liberal license. We’ve taken an active role in the community for some years, as can be seen from our existing application notes, software packages and articles — all of which are made available under open source/content licenses.

We have a great year ahead of us, we’re fortunate to be working on a number of particularly exciting projects, and where possible we’ll be providing insights via this blog. Of course, the blogosphere is about much more than simply broadcasting, and we very much look forward to the conversations that, we hope, this will lead to.

Best wishes,