Category: Work Experience

Work Experience – Dynamic Causal Modeling

What we wanted to Achieve: Throughout my two week work experience placement at Embecosm, I worked on a project to create a dynamical system of a double pendulum. A dynamical system, meaning a system containing objects that are continuously effected… Read More

Work Experience – Background Material

This blog post fleshes out some of the topics detailed in the recent blog post by our work experience student Cameron covering the work he did with us over this summer (2022). This post is only intended as a to… Read More

Chiphack for Teens: FOMU

  For my two weeks of work experience with Embecosm I was tasked with updating the Chiphack application note (EAN12) to use a different computer board, the Fomu. The end result of my work can be found here. Read More

Humidity detector – An arduino project.

I’ve always been engrossed in electronics and being hands on with hardware – I liked getting my hands dirty, but I’ve never set myself something to work on with actual value to people, it’s always been Lilliputian projects that have… Read More

Monitoring Environmental Noise with a Raspberry Pi

Project requirements When I arrived at Embecosm, on the first day of my work experience, I was offered a real-world project at a local church, which is being used as a nursery for toddlers. There had been noise complaints surrounding… Read More

My Winter Project: Making a Transistor Radio

Introduction So, I’m Mitchell Granger and this winter I had the pleasure of completing my second fortnight of work experience at Embecosm. You may remember if you read the blog, that on my previous visit here I was… Read More

Creating a Remote Weather Station for MAGEEC

My name is Katie Bennett and this summer I had the wonderful opportunity to work for Embecosm in between my A-levels and university. My objective was to create a remote weather station to use as a case study for the… Read More